Monday, December 3, 2007

The Google Assassin Review

Are you tired of losing your money to adwords? Researching a niche only to find the products available are not profitable at all? Well those days are long gone thanks to theGoogle Assassin. The Google Assassin is literally over $45,000+ of state of the art software proven to make massive amounts of profits if used correctly. Below, I will list the pieces of the software included and how each can be used to make you profits left and right.

The Daddy Keyword tool is the first part of Google Assassin's arsenal. This keyword tool is unlike any keyword tool that has been released to date. You simply enter your root keyword you are targeting and the keyword tool will suck the words out of your most successful competitor's promotions leaving you with a list made of Gold. And if that weren't enough, it actually arranges your words by expected profitability. This tool alone is worth the price of the entire Google Assassin package. No more will you have to guess or test out keywords to see if they are profitable or not. You will have keywords that are already proven to be profitable. I hope you are starting to see how useful this could be with any Adwords or PPC campaign.

The 2nd tool in this platoon is called the Adwords Micro-Nicher. If you ever wanted highly targeted traffic from Adwords for 1 penny, you can finally get it with this tool that will automate the entire process for you. You simply type in your niche keyword and the micro nicher will go to work finding the best websites for you to place your adwords ads on. If you don't know how this could be helpful, well let me explain it further. You can use these websites in your adwords campaigns. You simply set up a campaign that only uses the content network and you select "site targeting" to place your ads on specific web pages. These web pages will be found by the micro nicher and are highly targeted for your niche with high traffic. You then place your ads on these sites and only pay 1 penny or less for each click. How would that help in keeping your cost per click down?

The very next lethal weapon in this armory is the Campaign Kidnapper. With the old saying, "if an adwords campaign has been showing for a while, most likely that campaign is profitable". Well this is exactly what we use the Kidnapper for. No more testing campaigns, this tool will allow you to swipe your competitors ad groups; the ads, keywords....everything! Are you really starting to see the power in this? I hope so at this point.

These 3 tools are just the tip of the iceberg for this affiliate company. New tools are planning to be added in the next couple of months and you will have access to all the new software released to the Google Assassins. But don't think these 3 tools are the only thing waiting for you on the inside of this Elite underground area. Along with the video and content training resources to get you started, there is the "clickbank watch list" that definitely needs to be noted as a Product Sniper. This Google Assassin tool alone will cut your research time out altogether when it comes to researching products. This tool constantly watches the clickbank market place for rising stars that are gaining momentum. It also watches the marketplace for new products on a daily basis. End result, you know which products to promote and which products to leave to the failing affiliates.

Believe it or not, there are more tools available in this massive camp of software known as the Google Assassin. If you want the full details, just click HERE to become a full time Google Assassin.

Google Assassin X


Rodger said...

Excellent Google Assassin review, with those tools alone, even a newbie could make a killing online.

venky said...

google Assasin software is good one for the new bloggers to drive traffic